Birds At The Cliffs of Moher

Atlantic Puffin

 Chough at the Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher hold the only mainland colony of breeding Atlantic Puffins in Ireland, where the population is increasing (about 1,300 adults). The populations of Atlantic Puffins in the rest of Europe are decreasing. They only come on shore to breed in April/May, when they nest in cliffs.


 Chough at the Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher are an internationally important site for Razorbills where numbers are increasing (about 7,700 adults). The largest number of Razorbills in Ireland are found at the Cliffs of Moher. A considerable population also occurs at Loop Head. Razorbills seem to be declining in the rest of Europe. Only comes on shore to breed when they nests in sea cliffs.


 Chough at the Cliffs of Moher
Choughs are declining dramatically in other parts of Europe but appear to be stable in Ireland. They are declining in population in Clare and can be found all along the Clare coast such as at the Cliffs of Moher, Black Head and Kilkee. Choughs are members of the crow family. They are normally found in low intensity grasslands along the coast.

Common gull

 Common Gull at the Cliffs of Moher
The Common gull is a winter visitor and is common in Ireland and Clare. It can be found all along the Clare coast. They have a wide range of habitats such as coastal and grasslands.

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